ICNR2024 Tracks
Wearable Robotics
Clinical Motor Control
Rehabilitation Robotics
AI and Computational Methods in Rehabilitation
Neural Interfaces and Stimulation

ICNR2024 Topics
Foundations for Rehabilitation Robotics in clinical practice
Wearable Rehabilitation Robotics
Soft Exosuits for rehabilitation and assistance
Motor neuroprosthetics
Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for rehabilitation
Biofeedback in neurorehabilitation
Sensory restoration
Rehabilitation and pain management
Brain stimulation
Spinal cord stimulation
Peripheral stimulation
Biomechanics and movement analysis
Real Time interfacing technologies
Neuromuscular systems
Neuro-musculoskeletal modeling
Neural recording systems
Neural signal processing
Objective and clinical motor outcomes and assessment
Objective and clinical cognitive outcomes and assessment
Neurophysiological mechanisms and assessment
Combinatorial neurorehabilitation
Neuromotor facilitation and priming
Neurorehabilitation technology
Home and Community based rehabilitation
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in rehabilitation
Cognitive and social rehabilitation
Rehabilitation games
BCi in Neurorehabilitation
Personalized and precision neurorehabilitation
Neurorehabilitation of COVID-19
Pediatric Neurorehabilitation
Ethics, Legal and Socio-Economic factors
Pharma in Neurorehabilitation
Clinical needs and future prospects of stroke neurorehabilitation
Clinical needs and future prospects of SCI neurorehabilitation
Clinical needs and future prospects of neurorehabilitation of progressive conditions
Clinical needs and future prospects of neurorehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders
Clinical use of artificial intelligence in neurorehabilitation
Clinical application of high-density EMG and motor unit firings
Somatosensory enhancement for neuromotor rehabilitation