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Conference-only Registration Fees*
Early Student Conference Only Registration Fee (before August 15, 2024): 390€
Early Regular Conference Only Registration Fee (before August 15, 2024): 690€
Student Conference Only Registration Fee: 590€
Regular Conference Only Registration Fee: 890€
Single Day Conference Only Registration Fee: 390€

Pre-conference Workshop Fees
Early Workshop Student Fee (before August 15, 2024): 150€
Early Workshop Regular Fee (before August 15, 2024): 250€
Workshop Student Fee: 225€
Workshop Regular Fee: 350€

If you participate in both the Workshops and the Conference, you will receive a 75€ discount:
Early Student Conference + Workshop Registration (before August 15, 2024): 465€
Early Regular Conference + Workshop Registration (before August 15, 2024): 865€
Student Conference + Workshop Registration: 740€
Regular Conference + Workshop Registration: 1165€

When registrations open, you will also have the option to purchase a ticket to the Gala Dinner for an additional fee; more information about the Gala Dinner will be announced in the coming days.

*If your paper has been selected, at least one author of the paper must be registered at the appropriate full conference rate (“Regular” allows up to 2 manuscripts, Student allows only 1 manuscript) in order to upload the final paper. If complete payment of a registration fee is not received, authors will not be able to proceed with uploading their final manuscript. While any author of the paper may be registered, only the designated “corresponding author” may upload the final paper. Once a manuscript has been uploaded, the registration fees cannot be refunded. Please be sure that the attending author completes payment and uploads the final paper. This means that they must be the “corresponding author”.

Note: If you are submitting more than two contributions, you will need to complete an additional registration and fee ; “Regular” allows up to 2 manuscripts and “Student” allows only 1 manuscript.

Authors must register and complete payment before August 15, 2024, otherwise their paper will be excluded from the conference program and Proceedings.

Updated: March 25, 2024.